Living With JOY!  No matter what area of my life I am operating out of, choosing JOY has become a part of the equation.

When I began my journey into real estate in 2016 I had no idea how important bringing JOY into the equation was going to be. Most people start off looking for a home out of some kind of need; change of circumstances, looking for an investment, expansion, downsizing, change in family dynamic, etc. Change can be challenging. I am a Realtor who cares about the WHY.

However, once we understand the WHY, the HOW becomes the question:

- How do I get started looking for a home?
- What are my first steps?
- What do I need to do to get my house on the market and get the best value for it?
- If I sell, how do I navigate the timing of getting into the next home?

These questions are often what can begin the journey away from a position of JOY and move a person into confusion.
Moving through this process is where I come in.

The real estate journey can be overwhelming. I would love to come along side of you and bring expertise, clarity, professionalism, integrity and wisdom. I would love to be invited into your journey.  Also, the greatest compliment is your referrals.

Gail Wahl (Associate Broker)

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Gail Wahl
Gail Wahl
Broker Associate